If you’re traveling this holiday season, protect your home before you leave. Criminals look for unoccupied homes during the holidays. Don’t return home to learn you’ve been burglarized. Use the following home security tips for the holidays to protect your property.

1. Install a Home Security System

Modern home security systems are sophisticated and give homeowners options to watch their homes remotely via their smartphones. If you’ve not installed a home security system in your home, it’s time. Security alarms deter burglars and reduce the number of items they get away with if they do gain access to your home. Alarms offer 24-hour protection and peace of mind for homeowners. This is one of the best home security tips for the holidays and all year long.

2. Home Security Tips for the Holidays Include Checking Locks

Don’t assume you’ve locked all of the doors and windows in the home. It takes just a few seconds to double-check. Many burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and windows. If you don’t already have window locks, call a contractor to add them.

3. Use a Light Timer or Smart Home Device

Give the illusion that someone is home even when you are gone for the holidays. You can do this by timing the lights to go on and off at different times of the day. The inexpensive way to do this is with individual light timers. A high-tech alternative is to set up a smart home system that lets you control lights and other features from your smartphone.

4. Find Someone You Trust to Watch Your Home

Ask friends and family to pick up the mail and newspaper, park in the driveway, and take care of the pets and houseplants. You can enjoy the added assurance that your home is safe while you are away because someone is coming by or staying there.

Stay Safe With These Home Security Tips for the Holidays

You want to be able to relax while you are away for the holidays while knowing that your home is safe. Make the effort to secure your home by following the above tips.

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