You’ve waited months to go on vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. You enjoyed your time away, appreciative of the rest and relaxation. The last thing that you want to happen is to return home from vacation to discover that your home has been burglarized or otherwise disturbed. Improving home security while on vacation is simple and minimizes the risks that you’ll come back to disaster and devastation. Use the five tips below to amp-up your home security before boarding the plane and escaping from the real world.

Don’t Advertise Your Vacation–Until You’re Back Home

It is exciting to talk about the getaway you’ve been anticipating for months, but posting details and photos on social media while you’re away is an open invitation alerting others to the fact that you aren’t home – or returning anytime soon. Wait until the fun is over and the family is safely back home to share your vacation with others. If you just cannot wait, ensure the info and photos are available only to a select audience of trusted people.

Use a Smart Lock

A smart lock is a valuable investment at any time, but more so when you’re going out of town. Is a neighbor keeping an eye on the house while you’re gone? A smart lock allows remote control of the door locks. Enter a quickly expiring code to allow entrance and re-lock the door so you won’t need to give anyone a key to the house that gives them full entry at any time.

Lock Your Doors

It might be common sense to lock the doors to improve home security while on vacation, but when life gets hectic, it is oftentimes the simple things that are forgotten. Would you believe that 29% of home burglaries occur without forced entry, meaning they just walked right in? Double check to ensure that the doors – and the windows – are locked before you leave home!

Invest in Security Cameras

A few cameras inside and outside of the home can deter would-be criminals from the home and help with prosecuting should a crime occur on your property. Numerous brands and styles of security cameras are sold, giving homeowners the freedom to protect their home and control their budget. Thanks to advances in technology, live stream allows you to keep an eye on things from your phone at your current location.

Arrange Pickups/Stop Deliveries

If possible, stop delivery of any newspapers or mail that you receive regularly for the duration of time you’ll be away. Arrange for a neighbor, friend, or family member to pick up mail or place it on hold with the post office prior to departure. Mail and newspaper accumulation alerts others to the fact that no one is home and increases the risks that a break-in or burglary will occur.

Don’t Risk Your Home Security While on Vacation

Your home and its contents are your most prized possessions. Don’t allow disaster to occur simply because you failed to enhance your home security before departing for vacation. Implement the five tips above into your home security plan and it’s easy to stay safe while you’re away.

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