As a homeowner, you always have projects to keep your home functioning well and looking great. Even though curb appeal often takes a backseat to quality interior features, the importance of a home’s exterior cannot be overstated. The front of your house and the lawn are the first things you see and they give visitors their first impression. If you want your house to look more appealing from the outside, here are a few tasks to improve curb appeal.

1. Maintain Vegetation For a Clean Aesthetic

Keeping your grass mowed is a routine job that will improve curb appeal, however, other areas of the yard that need to be spruced up as well. For instance, look for tree branches growing up against the home, touch up flower beds to keep them looking vibrant, and assess the size and shape of trees and bushes, then address any that need trimming.

2. Paint to Improve Curb Appeal

Some houses are well cared for but lack charm. They don’t grab attention with their tan siding, white door, tan trim. Even if the paint and siding are in good condition, the curb appeal is still lacking.

If you have a wooden front door, stain it to bring out the beauty of the wood. Otherwise, add a splash of color to your entrance by painting your door a bold color, such as red, navy, or green. White works well for the trim. It’s also easy to find matching soffit and gutters that are white. If your siding is dirty or has peeling paint, a pressure wash or paint job should be the first course of action.

3. Improve Curb Appeal With New Hardware

The metal hardware on your front entryway makes a big difference. A door knocker and a kick plate add personality and charm. Add decorative touches to the exterior of the garage door. Metal wall sconce lights also improve curb appeal. All the metal on the exterior of a house should have the same finish. Keep your hardware polished and looking clean.

If your home’s exterior and yard need some work but you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul, try these low-cost projects to improve the curb appeal of your property.

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