When you’re buying a home that has already been lived in, having a home inspection is par for the course. You expect for there to be some issues, at least minor ones. After all, there’s bound to be some wear and tear to deal with, and you want to know about any underlying problems that may have come up over the years. But what about new construction? When we think of things that are brand new, we don’t expect them to have defects. Nevertheless, there is a strong case for having a new construction inspection, during and after the construction process!

Eliminate Surprises

A little-known fact is that a new home often has more defects than an older one! Whether this is due to rushed construction or other shoddy building practices, it’s well worth having a professional conduct a new construction inspection during the building process and just before you move in so that you’re not faced with surprises – some of which can make their presence known long after your builder’s warranty has run out.

Nobody’s Perfect – And the Same Goes for Homes

Your builders could be the most thorough and attentive out there, but no one is perfect. You’ve got contractors, subcontractors, and various employees all working on different systems and areas of your new home. While such an arrangement often works well with everyone focused on specific components, there’s still the possibility something may be overlooked. What we can be pretty sure of is that things will be missed and that mistakes will be made. It’s a good idea to hire an objective 3rd party home inspector to bring a new set of trained eyes to the scene and catch errors before they’ve been covered up and it’s too late to fix them.

Phase Inspections

This is the reason that home inspectors offer New Construction Phase Inspections. The number of phases differs from place to place and from inspector to inspector – pre-pour, pre-drywall, and pre-final walkthrough are some of the most common phases but the goal is still the same – to catch issues before they become major problems. For example, during a pre-drywall inspection, your home inspector has the opportunity to spot problems before they’re covered up and considered finished. This means that you can take up any issues discovered with your builder before construction is complete, and you might also be able to avoid more costly and invasive measures at a later date after the wall has been fully installed.

Your Charleston-Area New Construction Inspection Professional

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