Focus On These Areas When Protecting Your Home From Wind Damage

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how well we prepare for it. Protecting your home from wind damage before a storm rolls through is the only way to avoid damages to your property and surprise repair expenses. In this article, we’ve described the 3 major areas of your home to focus on when preparing for hurricane season.

Focus On Weak Points

Windows and doors, especially doors with windows, make great targets for flying debris during a storm and become dangerous when they’re breached, opening the home up to the elements.

Storm shutters and doors are available for standard entry doors, sliding patio doors, and French doors, and can be custom made for any size window. Metal or wooden shutters can be closed at a moment’s notice, saving the glass, the mess, and the injury that could occur from any objects flying through a window.

Garage doors can represent a major weakness during high winds. A weak garage door may be torn off, causing structural damage, creating dangerous debris, and exposing the interior contents to storm damage.

Installing shutters, storm doors, and a reinforced garage door with properly mounted, heavy-duty hardware, provides a strong front against wind damage to and through a home’s points of entry.

Focus On Projectiles

The average kite will fly all day in winds as little as 5 miles per hour. Plastic chairs and tables may be tossed if wind speeds reach 30 MPH. Windspeeds of 50 MPH or more are considered damaging winds by the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Many decorative items, such as lights and garden sculptures can become airborne in a wind storm. Children’s toys, swing sets, and playhouses become destructive in high winds if not properly secured.

Preventing your property from damaging the neighbor’s homes is as important as protecting your home from wind damage. All items in your yard and around your house should be removed or adequately anchored before the wind reaches certain levels so they don’t become projectiles that can cause damage.

Focus Overhead

Storm damage is often caused by falling trees and branches. Make sure the trees near your home and driveway are healthy and keep them trimmed so that branches will not pose a threat to your roof and siding. If you have dead trees on your property, it’s important to have them removed before hurricane season. Also, make sure that tree branches are not in the way of power lines.

Keep an eye out for any loose bricks or masonry, as they can dislodge and become dangerous in a strong wind event. Confirm that any antennas, satellite dishes, or other devices are properly secured.

The first thing to do when protecting your home from wind damage is to hire a home inspector to perform a wind mitigation inspection. The inspector will point out which areas of your home are adequately prepared and point out any risky areas. A wind mitigation inspection may help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance if your home meets certain criteria to reduce wind damage.

Step by Step Inspections serves the Greater Charleston area with home inspection services, including wind mitigation inspections. Be prepared for hurricane season and schedule your inspection today.