One of the most difficult areas to inspect on your property is the sewer line because it’s not easily accessible or visible. Most folks don’t give it a second thought until problems occur, but as a homeowner, it’s important not to overlook your sewer line. A sewer scope inspection films a video of the line’s inner workings.

Benefits of a Sewer Scope

Avoid Tearing up Your Yard with a Sewer Scope Inspection

The fact that your inspector will use a camera to view inside the sewer line means there’s no need to rip up your landscaping and yard to find problems within the line. A non-invasive video inspection saves your soil and grass.

Discover the Exact Issue Using a Sewer Scope Inspection

This type of inspection uses video to look inside the lateral sewer line. An inspector feeds a tiny camera from the inside of your house all the way through to the street. The objective is to find any damage, blockages, or threats to your sewer line.

A recording is made of the precise point in the line where the damage is located. This makes it easy for a plumber to make the repairs without much disturbance to your landscaping.

Long-Term Recorded Documentation

You will be provided before and after videos of the sewer line with the sewer scope inspection. This offers proof that repairs were completed properly. If you sell your home in the future, this sewer line video is a valuable piece of information to share with a potential buyer.

Get Proof When Dealing with Insurance Issues

If you are using your homeowners insurance policy to pay for plumbing repairs, a sewer scope inspection video can be helpful in speeding up the payout process with your insurer.

Some insurance companies drag their feet when it comes to paying out on a leak. However, they won’t have anything to argue against when the video clearly shows the crack in the line. This is why it’s useful to have video documentation when dealing with a repair situation.

Fix Problems Before They Get Worse

This is a huge benefit to using a sewer scope inspection. You cannot know where a crack exists inside the sewer line unless you see it on video. Your plumber can make the needed fixes before they get worse and prevent a major plumbing leak. Waiting too long leads to more expensive repairs down the road.

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