Summer is here and many of us complete outdoor tasks in order to keep our yards looking attractive. Keeping a vibrant and healthy lawn requires effort and attention to detail. During the summer, follow these five summer lawn maintenance tips so that your entire property will stand out.

1. Watering Techniques

Knowing that you should water the lawn is different than knowing how. Don’t assume that frequent watering is always the best way to go. Even if it rains, your lawn still only needs about an inch of water a week. Stick with less often and deeper watering to reach the root, but wait until the lawn is dry before you do it again. If possible, water your lawn in the morning hours while it’s still cool and before it evaporates in the hot afternoon summer sun. Knowing how to properly water your lawn is vital for summer lawn maintenance.

2. Leave The Grass Clippings If Possible

Many of us rake up the grass clippings left behind from the mower. To many, these clippings are seen as waste or as an unsightly addition to our lawn. Although you might be thinking about grabbing the rake from the garage, first understand that there are added benefits from leaving the grass clippings on your yard. With nutrients that act as a natural fertilizer, clippings contain nitrogen that will help promote a lush, green appearance.

3. Summer Lawn Maintenance For Scorching Heat

Some of the summer days can be especially hot making maintaining your lawn even more challenging. Begin by making sure your mower has sharp blades. If your mower has dull blades, this can result in frayed grass which will cause the ends of your grass to brown. In addition, adjust your lawn mower so the blades aren’t cutting the lawn too short. Longer grass gives the roots a more robust growing capability.

4. Keep A Regular Routine

Summer lawn maintenance is maximized with a routine. Schedule a day of the week that you will dedicate to cutting your grass. If you allow your grass to grow excessively high, the mower will need to work much harder to complete the job. You may even have to run your lawn mower through the area twice if the left behind grass clippings are really thick. Always be consistent with the length to which you cut the grass. This will give your yard the same appearance in all areas around your home.

5. Hire A Professional Lawn Maintenance Company

If you have no desire or time to care for your own lawn, hire a professional. Ask your neighbors or browse the internet for a highly rated lawn service with substantial positive reviews. They should be accessible through a variety of ways such as telephone, email, or social media. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before hiring someone. You could ask how often they maintain their equipment, for instance.

Follow these summer maintenance tips to get the most out of your lawn. Your neighbors will appreciate the time you have taken to beautify the neighborhood.

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